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Cover Standards with songs!

Why Sing Science?

"When Science words are what you sing,
                    you help your remembering!"
                      -- Intro to Sing Science! Primary Science Songs CD

To musically address specific Science standards,
including Next Generation Science Standards,
Sing Science LLC designs standards-based lyrics
into energetic songs, because ...

                        "With rhythm and rhyme at Science time, 
                         Music is glue --- Science concepts stick to you!"

Our CDs


Primary CD    $15                           Intermediate CD    $25

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What We Do

We make the
hard stuff easy to remember! 
Sing Science LLC
creates standards-rich lyrics 
to energetic, memorable tunes!

Our Mission              

Using music and 

a child's natural curiosity, 

we help educators move the science learner 

toward the joy of exploring science concepts 

with songs that convey national/NGSS and state Science Standards.

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"When Science words are what you sing, you help your remembering!" --- Introduction on" Sing Science! Primary Science Songs" CD.